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After working for thousands of adult websites since 1998, our highly experienced technical team at Adult Digital Solutions decided to create automated content management solutions for our clients. Some of these clients are still using these systems today.
The automation of uploading, encoding and managing content is the key to our client’s success and over 10 years ago we built the first version of AdultSiteCMS as first WordPress based adult CMS software.

AdultSiteCMS was first introduced as a simple to use and install turnkey adult site content management software.

AdultSiteCMS 5.0 has been completely rewritten to remove the old separation of tour and member folders and make it 100% WordPress compatible..

AdultSiteCMS 1.0 was bult to allow our clients to easily install our CMS and be up and running with a live photo and video adult site in minutes. Since we first launched AdultSiteCMS 1.0 we have sold over 1000+ licenses! Version 2.0 boasted new HTML5 capabilities making it work for the iPad and iPhone. 2.0 also introduced language mapping and simple template editing of the tour pages in the admin.

AdultSiteCMS 3.0 added responsive template designs and the ability to batch upload content using FTP.

AdultSiteCMS 4.0 added all new templates, product purchasing and digital downloads using our Woocommerce add-ons.

AdultSiteCMS 5.0 boasts all these features plus now is fully re-built to be 100% WordPress compatible without using external (and sometimes painful) methods of protected content. All you need to do is have your billing company edited one line in your .htaccess file to point to a password file managed by the biller. This takes only minutes and is very simple to do! After that just poin your join links to your billing company and you are ready to go! No need to hard-coded or integrate each billing solution as required by some other WordPress based membership management systems.




Claude Lai, CEO