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AdultSiteCMS is a complete adult site management solution.

Complelely customizable, you can add your own plugins like Woocomerce to sell digital downloads or products. Add an affiliate plugin or use NATS or CCBILL as your affiliate system. There is no limit to what can be done with AdultSiteCMS.

WordPress Themes
Use your own WordPress theme or pay us to install any WordPress theme you wish easily into AdultSiteCMS.
Premium Plugins
AdultSiteCMS is more just a WordPress plugin. It comprises of 9 different plugins which all work together to make an adult site possible like photo and video management both in the admin and via FTP, photo zip and watermarking, batch uploading, video streaming, model and schedule pages and much more.
Streaming and Download Videos
AdultSiteCMS comes with the JW player for automatic streaming of MP4 videos directly to your tour or member protected areas. Connect Wowza for full live or recorded streaming capabilities or embed any video from any location directly as an update.
No recurring fees!
No recurring fees in any of our licenses! You simply pay for our software one time and never have to worry about any more licensing fees! We also offer some of the most competitive pricing in hosting as well.
Open Framework
WordPress is the world’s most recognized and used Content Management System in the world. With over 1 million downloads and countless plugins and themes. We have adopted WordPress to work like many of the largest Adult CMS solutions.
Periodic Updates
All support and updates are free with any of our software systems. We full support our software and provide skype, email and phone support as required.


1000+ clients, 10 years.

WordPress for Adult Sites

We are the experts in creating adult sites with WordPress. From the small single model sites to megasites like Lucas Entertainment.

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Custom Development

Looking to build your own custom solution using our software? AdultSiteCMS can build almost anything you can think of from mobile, roku, tablet and SmartTV apps to custom live broadcasting solutions.

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Looking to customize your AdultSiteCMS License?

Design Customizing
Provide us your HTML design or we can find you a theme online which we can implement into your site running AdultsiteCMS.

Average pricing for design ranges from $1000-$2000.

Custom Coding
We have our own team of developers. Why outsource your customizing requests when we can create almost anything you can imagine.

Our development costs start from just $40 per hour.

App Development
Mobile, SmartTV and Roku Development. Our expert team can develop your Apps at a fraction of the cost of building your own using our AdultSiteCMS software platform.

Most Apps can be built for less than $1000!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AdultSiteCMS?

AdultSiteCMS is the first WordPress based Content Management System built by Adult Professionals to function just like an Adult paysite should. Using 100% WordPress code, AdultSiteCMS allows our clients to create adult sites in minutes and protect photo and video content and sell memberships.

3. Is it possible to modify AdultSiteCMS?

Yes. AdultsiteCMS can be modified however you wish. It is your software, you can add plugins, add in your themes and make it work exactly as you want. We have built a foundation which can used as a basic adult site.

5. Can I upgrade from a single to unlimited license of AdultSiteCMS?

Yes. At any time you can simply pay the balance in order to upgrade your single domain license to an unlimited one.

2. What versions of AdultSiteCMS are there?

Currently there are two versions of the new AdultSiteCMS available. One is a download version which is installed by us onto your Unix server and the other is a  hosted version. Both versions are similar in the features they provide. AdultSiteCMS is fully white-label capable. Clients control their own domain’s and we do not require any branding on our installs.

4. Is the AdultSiteCMS code open?

Yes. All the core WordPress files are open, we do not restrict them except for some small licensing files which detect what domain you are using in order for us to manage and monitor what domains our software is being used on.

6. What kind of support, upgrades and guarantees is included with AdultSiteCMS?

We provide 24/7 ticket support of for all versions of our AdultSiteCMS products. There is also limited phone and chat support. Most issues are resolved the day. Upgrades are always free.

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